Patryk Bandurski

MuleSoft Ambassador


  • MuleSoft Ambassador & Warsaw MuleSoft Meetup Leader
  • MuleSoft Subject Matter Expert
  • Financial Industry Experience
  • Passionate Technologist & Blogger

It’s been an exciting journey in the world of MuleSoft and technology integration. I’m always eager to share my knowledge and experiences. Whether you’re curious about the latest in MuleSoft, seeking advice on integration solutions, or simply want to chat about the future of technology, I’d love to connect. Reach out and let’s explore the possibilities together!


MuleSoft Meetup

Dive into Integration: The Warsaw MuleSoft Meetup Adventure

πŸš€ Join the Integration Revolution! Since 2018, I’ve been at the helm of the Warsaw MuleSoft Meetup Group, a vibrant community where integration enthusiasts, both developers and architects, come together. Our group is a melting pot of ideas and expertise, catering to a range of skill levels – from beginners to advanced pros.

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My Learning Badges

What’s up, friends? 😎 I’m on a non-stop quest to level up my tech game and these certificates are my high scores. From mastering MuleSoft’s magic to building skyscrapers in the cloud with AWS, I’m all in. It’s not just about hoarding these digital trophies β€” it’s about the thrill of the learn and the joy of the share.

Contact me

Below you can find my contact details. Feel free to write me an email or fill out the form. You can also reach mine via my LinkedIn profile.

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