Enterprise Integration Patterns – Review

Last Updated on 05/05/2021 by Patryk Bandurski

Recently I have finished reading Enterprise Integration Patterns by Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf.  This book presents in a structured way a lot of design patterns for message-oriented integration solutions. It is also recommended reading made by MuleSoft on their Solution Design training.

Although it is old, published in 2003, I found it on my read list, marked as the important one. Therefore I decided to share some of my thoughts about it.


Structure and content


The book is nicely divided into sections. With each next chapter, we cover the next important layers of integration. Authors are sharing their knowledge using simple language. It is really easy to read. 

Throughout the book, you will learn about message channels and messages that flow through them. How to connect components by using pipes and filters. Next, you will learn how to route the incoming flow of messages and then translate it according to needs.



I think that examples are really important to support transferring knowledge. In this book, they were mainly in Java language. Without Java knowledge, it would be not an easy task to follow authors and their examples. Personally, I think, that Java code samples were not important in comparison to the text describing what is happening in the code.


Overall score:        

This book is a valuable source of patterns that are current. I found a lot of similarities between concepts and naming convention used in the book and Mule ESB internals. A lot of features are already built int and I believe that more can be implemented in a mule with ease. 

As I said examples are not as satisfactory. I have decided to create a new blog series. In this series, each article will cover one design pattern with its implementation in Mule ESB 4.

Enterprise Integration Patterns – Review

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  1. Hey patryk,

    I am curious as you mentioned it’s in your reading list.
    It would be great if you can provide with the complete reading list of books for Integration Engineer.

    1. Hi,
      sure I will write then an article with my reading list. Sorry for so late response, but I was fully occupied by MuleSoft Meetup last month.

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