Warsaw MuleSoft Meetup #1 Summary

Last Updated on 13/05/2021 by Patryk Bandurski

I have decided to write a short summary of our very first MuleSoft Meetup in Poland. The meeting took place in PwC Poland on 24th October. It gathered super cool muleys that are eager to learn new things and network. We talked about the new features that Mule 4 introduced. After that was a demo of how to use security placeholders in Anypoint Studio 7.

W talked about a completely new message structure, how it changed and how to use it now. Next, we covered major changes to DataWeave and its 2.0 release. We described the modularization concept and how to use it by using the import keyword. Of course, we did not forget to describe implicit transformations that have greatly improved flow design. 

On the demo section Paweł Pietrasz shown how to create the application and the domain project and how to link them in Anypoint Studio 7. The main purpose of this demo was to show what has changed in the security area and how it should be handled now in Mule 4.

All these parts are described in our presentation, attached below.

Warsaw MuleSoft Meetup #1 Summary

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