Year: 2020

Why Salesforce can’t connect to my API over DLB?

Last Updated on 30/05/2021 by Patryk Bandurski Last time I described connectivity scenario when Salesforce was reaching MuleSoft API exposed via Shared Load Balancer. What do we need to take into consideration when we slightly change our infrastructure and purchase a Dedicated Load Balancer? There are some vital changes that we should be aware of….

How to enable dedicated load balancer under own domain

Last Updated on 30/05/2021 by Patryk Bandurski A Dedicated Load Balancer is an optional component of the Anypoint Platform. Unlike the Shared Load Balancer, this one gives greater flexibility and possibility to configure. In this article, you will find the answers to three questions: Why use a DLB? How does it work? And finally, how…

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