Error handling Infographic for your MCD Level 1

Below is an interactive infographic about the basics of Error Handling in Mule 4. It is a guide that prepares you for MuleSoft Certified Developer – Level 1. You will find here how is error message structured. How do On Error Propagate and On Error Continue works. What is the default behavior for error handling? You can read more about error handling in my previous article.

For best user experience I suggest viewing infographic on desktop.

Do you like it? Leave the comment and share it with the Community :). The direct link to the infographic is here.

Error handling Infographic for your MCD Level 1

4 thoughts on “Error handling Infographic for your MCD Level 1

    1. Thanks 🙂 I am super existed about the idea of interactive infographics. Glad that you like it :). Stay tuned, as more are about to come!

  1. Could you please check the answers on the error handling quiz? I think some answers are mixed up (sadly forgot which ones), as i was confused by the possible answers, i build the cases in Studio and saw that i was actually correct.
    Just as a heads up for other people taking the course.

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