Content Filter pattern for REST service – implementation

In the last article, you can find the idea of how to introduce field filtering for your APIs. My simplified Content Filter allows for providing negative or positive filtering. The first one tells which fields Filter removes from the target response. The latter one tells which fields should be available in the response. Today I…

MuleSoft approach to the integration – Meetup #4

At the last MuleSoft Meetup, Senior Integration Architect Marcin Nowiński was talking about his personal experience regarding the MuleSoft approach to the integration. In today’s article, I will briefly summarize what was presented at the Meetup. In the end, you will be able to take a look at the powerpoint presentation. API Led Connectivity It…

Circuit Breaker Module

I guess that we more often think about our services in “happy path” term, but we underestimate not so happy paths. What if my API is trying to reach another API/system and it is failing constantly? Can I reach it less often in case of timeout? I thought about that in case of a Mule 4 application and I come up with Circuit Breaker pattern. In this article I will briefly introduce the pattern and show you how you use it in your Mule application.

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