MuleSoft approach to the integration – Meetup #4

At the last MuleSoft Meetup, Senior Integration Architect Marcin Nowiński was talking about his personal experience regarding the MuleSoft approach to the integration. In today’s article, I will briefly summarize what was presented at the Meetup. In the end, you will be able to take a look at the powerpoint presentation. API Led Connectivity It…

Circuit Breaker Module

I guess that we more often think about our services in “happy path” term, but we underestimate not so happy paths. What if my API is trying to reach another API/system and it is failing constantly? Can I reach it less often in case of timeout? I thought about that in case of a Mule 4 application and I come up with Circuit Breaker pattern. In this article I will briefly introduce the pattern and show you how you use it in your Mule application.

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