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Reuse driven by DataType

Raml 1.0 introduces new concept called DataType.  This fragment is used to declare type in a separate yaml file. This is not just a simplification of JSON schema to conform raml/yaml. It also brings simple improvements and syntax sugar that allows to write types in more concise form. And therefore more readable. In this article we will look at how to define own data types and reuse them in API and its implementation

Simple GET operations Design Center vs APIKit

HTTP GET method’s simple design has been published in previous article. We designed account service using RAML and Open API specifications. It is time, now, to implement that service so our potential users could consume it. To implement the service I use new Mule’s Design Center available on Anypoint Platform. To follow my steps you would not need to download any software on your PC at all. All will be done within web browser. On the other hand Anypoint Studio is the main IDE to design Mule’s services so I will not omit this tool. Within it I show the possibilities of APIkit message processor. 

GET an HTTP method for retrieving resources

This article is an intro into a blog series about HTTP methods usage in RESTful services. As a GET is the most common I will start with it. This method is used for retrieving collection of resources or a single resource. In other words this could be used for searching purposes. However the more advanced search criteria I will describe in next article.

To design a service I will use two most commonly used specifications such as RAML and OpenAPI.

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